It’s what I don’t have that I want
And I’m not meant to have it
It goes outside the guidelines
Finding a way to its own satisfaction

It saps spiritual passion
It hollows faith
It discourages spiritual walk
This endless cycle of defeat must end

I should have the right standard for holiness
I should have the right source of power to change
I should have the right motive for fighting it

I should fight fire with fire
His pleasures to combat its pleasures
He has so much more for me
Than the changed life due to this

This attraction and appreciation to beauty
Is a God-given gift I need to manage well
I should keep this desire with honor and holiness
It’s a good thing He made

I can’t save and change myself
Only He can do this
He restored me from my eternal fate
And I know He’ll do the same
No matter how many times I’ve failed
A freedom with Him is what I now desire

I’ll turn my mind to Him
For my pleasure is in Him
And my satisfaction is in Him
I’ll run away from any thought of it

There are others also in this fight
It’s also great to help them as well
The monster we’ve become because of it
Now, we guard and protect one another
For a fulfilling life to look forward at

It’s a persevering fight
It’s dying to ourselves
It’s also finding real life
We can win this
With Him on our side
We’ll await that day