A pure and true heart
That’s what one longs for
One that sees everything good
It’s being liked and admired for

It’s a heart full of love
Unconditional, undivided, unfailing
It’s a strong force anyone can feel.
It’s available to all who need it.

It’s patient and kind.
It doesn’t envy or boast.
It isn’t proud or self-seeking.
It isn’t easily angered.

It doesn’t dishonor others.
It keeps no record of wrongs.
It doesn’t delight in evil.
It rejoices with the truth.

It protects and trusts.
It hopes and perseveres.
It never fails.
It’s the greatest of all these.

I can give my everything
My talents, gifts, possessions
But if I don’t have love
Everything is useless

My heart is of no use
When I choose my own interest
When I choose to go the other way
Doing this will create an empty hole in me

Not all will like how I love
There will be pain felt inside
But it keeps us going on
A hope that they can be softened
And learn to love again

I need to take care of it
It’s deceitful above all things
I want a heart that’s right
For those in need of it to find the light