It’s a hard one to tame.
Yet it must be done.
It can be a wellspring of life.
It can also be a spark of destruction.

Words build up.
They also tear down.
They pour out of the same source.
This is not right.

They’re the vehicle of our thoughts.
What’s said can’t be taken back.
It’s time to keep watch.
No mistakes will happen when done.

Speak those that are truthful.
Don’t be flattering.
Don’t be manipulative.
Be careful when you speak in haste.
Refrain words that make barriers.

Be calm at every conversation.
Be humble.
Don’t be self-deprecating.
Refuse to make slander.
Discern when you hear gossip.

Be involved when you’re needed.
Be trusting and loyal.
Don’t belittle.
Don’t be cynical.
Keep yourself from being know-it-all.

Be light with one another.
Watch out on being tactless.
Be of cheer and comfort.
Be polite.
Don’t be judgmental.

Think of others.
Speak words of blessing.
Keep watch when you complain.
Don’t retaliate.
Set your facts before you accuse.

Be encouraging.
Keep watch when you doubt.
Be careful when you’re talkative.
Show good judgment.
Be on guard when you’re silent.

We keep our mouth from any evil.
It will make our relationships stand strong.
It will make our individuality grow better.
It will make our lives flow at peace.