It’s a new day
It’s always a new chance
With challenges to face at hand
It’s time to get up and go

With a to-do bunch on the list
As part of every start
All of the individual fuels up
To complete every single one

Sometimes, there are additions
You wish to do some other time
But upper tells you,  “Now!”
No other choice but to take it

When day’s end comes
It’s a breath of relief
All efforts laid out
To be continued on the next one

It’s time for the resting place
With the mind that had lots of thinking
With the body that had lots of exerting
With the heart that had lots of strengthening
With the soul that had lots of understanding
With the spirit that had lots of caring

It’s time to slow down
Time to be at peace
Time to invite silence
For calmness to rule in

Time to refresh
Time to revive
Time to renew
Time to recharge
Time to repair
Time to restore

Nothing else to be done
Than to quiet yourself
Leave every worry behind
Lay down all burdens

For all responsibilities
Be it main one or extra-curricular
The momentum must be kept up
To keep progress ongoing

It’s what’s needed
All of the time
So when tomorrow comes
The best can be maintained
Or even better than it

The way life is run
It counts a lot
There’s a need for balance
With movement and rest
To continue on with the path ahead