Everybody experiences it.
Nobody escapes its presence.
It takes a quiet toll.
It can be added as one of life’s certainties.

It can affect your body.
It can affect your mood.
It can affect your behavior.
It’s time to put yourself on guard.

Be prepared for it.
Don’t be soaked and drowning under its weight.
Don’t let it control you.
Learn how to control it.

Know what worries you.
Keep your foundation strong.
Nourish your body.
Get physical.

Let your values lead you.
Schedule your day wisely.
Master your money.
Do right.
Enjoy the present.

Say No when you need to.
Be flexible.
Evaluate your expectations.
Resolve conflicts.

Release the past.
Take a time-out.
Admit your mistakes and shortcomings.
Ask for what you want.
Limit contact with stress-producing people.

Create a peaceful atmosphere.
Release your tension.
Slow your pace.
Solidify your support system.

Be conscious of your words.
Deal with disappointments.
Deal with your own worst enemy.
Understand your sphere of influence.
Maintain a positive outlook.

Make use of balancing your life.
Get peace and emotional rest.
You can add years to your life.
You can add life to your years.