Nobody improves by accident
Growth must be intentional
There should be change
The choice is yours
Let yourself grow or fight it

Choose a life of growth
Start growing today
It’s not automatic
Growth today will provide a better tomorrow
It’s your responsibility

Focus on self-development, not self-fulfillment
It draws you toward your destiny
Never stay satisfied with current accomplishments
Be a continual learner
Develop a plan for growth
Pay the price.
It’s sometimes uncomfortable. It requires discipline.
Find a way to apply what you learn.

Whatever you do, don’t allow yourself to stay on a plateau
Commit yourself to climbing the mountain of personal potential

Intend your journey to be open-ended
Be growth-oriented than goal-oriented
The better you are, the more people listen
The better you are, the greater your value today
The better you are, the greater your potential for tomorrow

Learn your craft today
Talk it. Practice it.

Nothing is interesting if you are interested.
Successful people view learning differently from the unsuccessful.
Learning is meant to be a lifelong pursuit.
Pride is the number one hindrance to teachability
Envy comes from inferiority. Pride comes from superiority.

Take your talent to the next level.
Learn to listen.
You can’t learn if you’re always talking.
There’s a reason you have one mouth but two ears.

Understand the learning process.
Act. Look for your mistakes. Evaluate. Find a way to make it better. Repeat.
Look for and plan teachable moments. Make them count.
Make your teachable moments count.
Ask yourself if you’re really teachable.

You can let no one teach you anything, let someone teach you everything,
or let everyone teach you something.
Make learning your passion.
Value people.
Develop relationships with growth potential.
Identify people’s uniqueness and strengths
Ask questions.

Choose a mentor to help you grow.
His life should deserve a following and have a following.
Find his best. He should produce other leaders.
His strength should be reproducible in my life.
And if it does, take steps to develop and demonstrate that strength.

Clarify your level of expectations
Accept a subordinate, learning position
Respect the mentor, but don’t idolize him.
Immediately put into effect what you are learning.
Be disciplined in relating to the mentor.
Reward your mentor with your own progress.
Don’t threaten to give up.

Get in your strength zone, and work more on it.
Ask yourself what you’re doing well.
Get specific.
Listen to what others praise.
Check out the competition.

Experience plus honest self-examination leads to wisdom.
Experience is not the best teacher.
Everybody has some kind of experience.
It’s what you do with that experience that matters.
Experience teaches nothing, but evaluated experience teaches everything.

We all experience more than we understand.
Our attitude towards unplanned and unpleasant experiences determines our growth.
Lack of experience is costly, and so is experience itself.
Experience gives the test first and the lesson later.
But not evaluating and learning from experience is more costly.
Evaluated experience lifts a person above the crowd.

You should be willing to give up something to keep growing.
By avoiding risk, we really risk what is important in life – reaching toward growth,
our potential, and a true contribution to a common goal.

Trade affirmation for accomplishment.
Trade security for significance.
Trade financial gain for future potential.
Trade immediate pleasures for personal growth.
Trade exploration for focus.
Trade quantity of life for quality of life.
Trade acceptable for excellent.
Trade addition for multiplication.
Trade the first half for the second half.
Trade your work for God for a walk with God.