It can lift you up or tear you down
When seen, others can catch it
It’s really about who you are
How you act is overflown by it

It determines your approach to life
As well as getting along with people
It differentiates success and failure
It determines a task’s outcome

It can turn our problems to blessings
And give an uncommonly positive perspective
It puts you in place of greatest potential
Keep it with the right motive

It is shaped from who you are, what’s around you
What you hear, feel and see yourself
Opportunities, influences, security and status add up
As well as how you appear yourself

And it’s still under construction
It’s never too late to change it
Take the challenge and see yourself grow
The long way you need to take it

Take the journey with adversity
You can live through it with resilience and maturity
It sprouts innovation and benefits
Along with motivation and opportunity

Deal positively with failure
Every successful person has been there
It’s not a mistake to fail forward
For the desired success one day will be there

The viewpoint of success should be redefined
It isn’t possessing something or being someone
It’s knowing your purpose, growing to your highest potential
And sowing seeds to benefit everyone

You’ve got to give up to go up
That’s all it takes to be a great one
And it will all happen
When you take care of the man inside you