The wild and restless spirit
It boils throughout
It seeks the world’s pleasures
That promise fulfillment inside out

But what does it offer instead
One left empty for longing
It repeats after it’s satisfied
It doesn’t quench for the long way ahead

It’s a fight between two natures
You must choose one over the other
One lights up, the other one disrupts
They can’t live with one another

You’re a follower of the Way
But you get prone to go the other way
There’s a need to put on focus
For fixed eyes as you go along the way

It all starts from the mind
One of the things I need to guard
Narratives of all things I need to check
Ensuring no divine truth to discard

A look on human nature you see
Never you realize you did it
You thought it was right to take
It’s time to unlearn it

It won’t be easy, I know
But work with Him in cooperation
Let Him break and mold you
So brightness won’t be in distortion

I’ve been wandering long and far
And it’s tiring, I wish to go back
Where life with my Steering Wheel is peace
Even when troubles strike me front and back

I want a right mind with my Maker
With pure eyes and thoughts to live by
There’s a light to shine for the world
In the journey of life to walk by