I have my doubts and fears
Defeat is where it would lead me
But when my eyes are on You
Victory then is the one to lead me

I may wear and tear
An eternal warranty You’ve given me
In You I have a daily inner tune
A new body for home’s a guarantee

There’s my heart to check inside
If I ran the right routes
You know my life’s scoreboard
Help me take shots at right routes

I need focus and discipline
I need to train my spirit right
So that I can grow in godliness
An everlasting prize’s at sight

I’m in this ring of life
With You in my corner I fight
I need to glove up
One round closer to heaven’s at sight

I don’t want my faith to wither away
I want to strengthen it
It needs to be challenged
With my soul’s gravity I need to form it

My life has seen great changes
The old self I can’t fall back
I need to stay on course
For in everything You got my back

My life is worth nothing
When I always focus on my own
I have to throw this mindset off
Everything I have I don’t call my own

I need to drop the weight
Of all that easily ensnares me
They weigh me down and trip me up
They try to lose the strength of me

A connection with You
Is where I can produce fruit
I can be lead to disconnect
But I should stay in my root

Life is a battleground
I’ll press on and never look back
I need to put on my armor
For You have my back

At life’s game to play
I’m glad You watch over me
At its end You take me home
I thank You for cheering on me