I can’t do this on my own
I’m placing my surrender to You
My hands are off the steering wheel
I’m giving it now to You

So my journey begins
I’ll fulfill Your plans and dreams for me
I’ll do great things
It’ll be more of You and less of me

I’ll go through smooth and bumpy roads
But I know I’m backed up by You
Your love and favor I’m forever grateful
For my identity is found in You

I need to travel light
I need to settle my emotional baggage
I’ll look through the windshield
And be sown as a brand new package

There are potholes ahead
That will cause halt and delay
But I’m going to fight
In the journey I won’t sway

There’s a Manual to read up
A road map to help me out
A weapon to keep out the enemy
Full of promises I’m going to live out

There’s a time to gas up
I go to You as my Power Source
With full, recharged energy
I can be a powerful force

At times I need to reverse and look back
At the cross where You showed great love
This is my worship, my love for You
I’ll do everything with a smile from above

I have taken flight
I’ll take this road in a glide
In the adventure I’m set to take
I’m in for one full ride