Choose your pursuit and He blesses you
Discover His pursuit and let it impact you
You have two choices in your life direction
But I suggest you take the God-given mission

You’re created for His journey
You’re to take part of His story
In His purposes you’ll find fulfillment
In His direction you’ll find contentment

He has all nations for His mission
He needs His believers for the Great Commission
You’re part of this mission
Make it come to fruition

Don’t seek for a map
Seeking endless ones is a trap
Seek for a compass instead
You’ll be on one right direction ahead

The first step is the one to take
A momentum is the next to make
Danger along the road is undeniable
But our direction with the North Star is reliable

There may be perils and uncharted lands
But we take heart of His plan that’s grand
The road to His glory is where we’re lead
He’ll be with us, so lift up your head

Send others for Him
Pray for the world to know Him
With your open heart welcome them
Light the Only Way for them

Run with your head down
In fulfilling your mission He won’t frown
Move forward and seek His light
It’s all you need for your given flight