Several roads are before you
Which one should you take?
The decision’s up to you
The best one you should make

Making them is complex
They usually don’t just happen
Energy and skill you need to flex
Surroundings matter when they happen

A better choice you should seek
To avoid bad ones’ traps
We get a consequence bleak
When we fall in it to mishap

When bad decisions happen
You can make it up
Find another way to happen
In that at least it can brighten up

Ask for wisdom as you pray
List options and weigh them
Know what He has to say
Seek advice and heed them

Concentrate and take your time
No need to rush through
Then make your plan at due time
Take action once through

Sometimes you’re held back
Or you get tripped up
But you have a lot at your back
To help you get back up

It may not be a rosy road
From that point forward
A once thought disaster along the road
Would turn out to be excellent afterward