You’re full of strength and time
It’s your molding season
It’s time to make that climb
To do incredible things for a reason

They may look down at you
And treat you as “average”
Show them the responsibility in you
That you’re fit and the complete package

Of your comfort zone step out
For in your weaknesses come strengths
In your fears break out
For in taking risks come great lengths

Be known for what you do
It’s excellence, not excuses, to pursue
Even in smallest things you also do
Your efforts will be paid in full due

Be open to work with each other
Learn to get along with them
Show trust with one another
When success is achieved, be with them

Do things that go against the crowd
Even when it hurts, do what’s right
For someday, you’ll be proud
That your stand gives a greater sight

These may be hard things
But learn to take heart
Great people learn to spread their wings
That can be your point start

There’s a lot of you in your generation
There’s a long road ahead of you
It’s the ripe time to take action
Fulfill the destiny in store for you