You have a calling from Him
You’ll do work for His Kingdom
For His glory you’ll do all for Him
His messenger you’ll become

He calls you and knows you
From damnation He rescued you
He offers to cleanse and forgive you
As His child He rightfully gives you

His mercy fills you
His compassion warms you
Just as you are He accepts you
He unconditionally loves you

In life you’ll walk on
Let Him lead you
No matter what keep pressing on
His plan will assure you

He’ll always be by your side
He’ll never leave you
He’ll be your light and guide
He’ll stand by you

When you go the other way
There’s a chance to come back
Come home running to His way
He’ll help you be back on track

When you do great things for Him
Step out and make a difference
Stand for right and truth in Him
You can be a lasting influence

Wherever you are He calls you
You can discover it
He’ll mightily use you
In time you’ll find it