My legs are shaking
With the words I’m going to say
My heart’s fast beating
I hope you don’t shy away

A few minutes later
You’re in front of me
I’m starting to shiver
This feeling should flee

I first need to breathe
For I must tell you these
My guts I need to unleash
This day I need to seize

I want you to know that
I have loved you
It’s a surprise to me that
I felt this way in you

From that first meeting moment
I saw something in you
I suddenly showed interest
It made me start liking you

Your beauty struck me
But it was more than that
Your kind heart amazed me
And not anymore I’ll be a brat

My mind was on a fresh start
I would imagine you and me together
And dream that we won’t be apart
We’ll be in this forever

I wish to take another step with you
But no need to rush
I’m willing to wait for you
My hope’s that you won’t crush

I didn’t see the next thing coming
You reciprocated this indescribable feeling
And you wished for a right time coming
For you needed to fulfill your dreams worth promising

No need to worry, I understand
I also have my dreams to fulfill
I’ll wait until you make that stand
When everything’s rightly planned

We parted ways after
My heart was light
I would never forget our friendly talk and laughter
As I gazed the stars above that night

While I wait, I’ll prepare myself
I’ll be one of Godlike character
I’ll be the right person myself
For a story to be written by the Narrator