Wendy just finished reading her Bible passage for the day and was about to start her errands. She turned to the next page to check tomorrow’s entry when a paper fell on the floor. She picked it up and opened it.

She cried as she read it. She took time to reminisce, then calmed herself and wiped her tears in order to start her day.

Here was what she read:

Dear Jesus,
Thank You for loving me and everyone in this world. Thank You for coming into my life and promising forever with You in heaven. I want to know You more and more. I’ll read my Bible and pray everyday so that I can be more and more like You.  I’ll do this always for the rest of my life. I love You so much.

Your princess,

It was a letter she wrote at the age of 8 after accepting Jesus as her Lord and Savior. So when the day ended, she went back to it and gave it another look. Then, she got a paper and pen to start writing a letter.

This was what she wrote:

Dear Jesus,
It’s been a long time since I’ve written You a love letter. I’ll never forget that joyous moment . I took every chance to learn about You. Knowing You was with pure joy and strong passion that I wanted it to last forever.

They say that the teen years are the best years of one’s life. You have all the time and energy to do whatever you want. And knowing You at this time period is one thing I’ll never regret. But I know You know the road wasn’t easy.

You were there to be my Friend and Companion when I had no one to talk to. You were there to remind me of my worth in You when I felt rejected by my peers. You were there when I needed to defend myself from the people who didn’t treat me well. It was at that point where I would win souls for You, and that included those who hurt me. I didn’t see that coming. But in spite of that, I want to thank You for Your movement in my life. And most importantly, thank You for changing me.

I cannot deny the fact that at one point I chose to break Your heart. Remembering it still pains me until now. My heart at that time started to be discontented. I gave in to the world’s offers, thinking that I would feel more appreciated. As a result, I had a change of attitude. I became proud and selfish. My actions began to hurt the people around me- my family, my friends, my churchmates, and most especially You. I lost the most important people in my life in a snap.

I went with friends who I deem as “true” to cope up from the loss, thinking that they would fully understand me. I was wrong when I found out one day that they were using me for their own purposes. I was so devastated because everything I gave to them, like a true friend would give, was wasted. That moment made me realize how I was going downhill.

It broke my heart so much that I couldn’t take the pain felt. I desperately wanted comfort from there. Then, I felt a gentle touch on my shoulder and heard comforting words. It was Mom. I couldn’t turn my back because of the guilt and shame. But she assured me that I’m still loved in spite of my faults. It was then that I found the courage to face her, embrace her and apologize for my mistakes. She forgave me and still accepted me. What happened next was unforgettable. My family was there to give that same forgiveness and acceptance to me. Their unconditional love is something I never deserved.

After that, I knew what I needed to do- to turn back to You and give You all of me once again. Your love still overflows me in spite of what happened. It’s so stubborn that it never lets go of me. You still love me forgiving me time and time again. I don’t understand this. Your perfect love embraces the worst in me, in spite of the hundred times I caused you so much pain. I’m forever grateful for this. Thank You for loving me, restoring me and welcoming me back into Your arms again. After that was the next thing- apologizing to my friends and churchmates. I’m glad that they forgave me and still accepted me.  A few months after, everything I lost was restored. I was back on track and I felt You to my amazement.

Right now, I’m almost there in having that heart again when I first met You. Your faithfulness and unfailing love made me realize that I still love You. I just needed to trust You more in anything. In spite of what happened, You’ll always be my First Love. My love for You is alive as I wake up each day. Only You can satisfy my heart’s desires. I feel complete because You inspire me to live everyday for a reason. Thank You for loving me even before You knew me. Thank You for loving me for who I am. With that, I’ll spend my lifetime loving You the way You want to be loved. It’s gonna be a tough journey for both of us, but it’s always worthwhile. That’s something I can be proud of.

I look forward to the day that I can hug You and see the smile on Your face when I’m called home. I’ll be Your little daughter running freely to You in embrace because of my strong love for You. I’ll always be the daughter You created me to be no matter what happens. Nothing will try to take away this kind of love, and nothing will change that fact. You’ll always be my everything.

I love You very, very much.

Your ever-loving princess,

After finishing the letter, she began to realize how she has become a love letter to God. Her thoughts had nothing but gratitude. She then placed the letter in an envelope. At her table, she saw a box that contained all her notes and written materials in her walk with the Lord. She placed in the box the love letter she wrote when she was 8 and her recent one. She returned the box in her closet. Then, she prayed and prepared herself to sleep for tomorrow’s church service.