“How was your day, Mom?”, Jasmine asked her mother as they talked over dinner.
“It’s work as usual.”, her mother replied, “What about you? How’s the conference?”

Jasmine just attended a leadership conference for young professionals who have the potential to become strong leaders. She was chosen as one of the delegates.

“It was good. I learned things like leading by example, doing what’s right, innovating, communicating, having a plan that focuses on results, partnering for progress, and being a steward.”, Jasmine replied.
“That’s a good start.”, her mother answered.
“You know, people expect me to be like Dad. And I can feel the pressure. I still have to learn the ropes of it. How did he manage to achieve these things?”, Jasmine asked.
“Let’s finish our food first and clean the dishes. Then, we’ll go to my room”, her mother answered.

So they did. While in the room, Jasmine’s mother found something from the table drawer and gave it to her. It was a notebook containing her father’s journey to his success story. Jasmine thanked her mother, went to her room and started going through it.

“I didn’t know I could be a leader. I’m okay with just being a member… “

He didn’t see himself to be a leader but his classmates saw him to have the ability for one. It was only when he worked for his father that he realized how right they were. Jasmine continued on.

“I have to learn to get along with people. I have to overcome being a wallflower…”

He had to learn to be open to others, show genuine interest in them, see things in their perspective, listen to learn and motivate them. These won him the heart of his colleagues.

“Leading a team is a different ball game. I have to motivate them to get things going…”

He had to learn to become an effective team leader in order to become a reliable one in the future. He had to learn to set the right goals, habitually instill in them focus and discipline, and maintain balance. He also had to learn to respect the dignity of others, give recognition, praise or rewards to whom it’s due, and handle mistakes, complaints and criticisms well. In time, he learned to keep a positive mental attitude, worry on the right things and be enthusiastic. These principles enabled him to make things happen and become one of the world’s well-sought leaders.

“This wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the God I serve…”

Over the years, he learned to find true power and security in God, have the heart of a servant leader, find balance in Him, and live out His vision. He learned to most importantly value his character than his success, and live with an eye on eternity.

Jasmine was awed by what she read. She could relate to him in everything. She felt inspired and believed that she could do it like him. She went on to finish the account.

“I couldn’t understand why he did that. I treated him well yet this happened…”

She learned that his brother stole the company’s money in order to take the top position. His brother earned the ire of officials and employees for his unlikable attitude. He tries to impress others, only to end up being foolish. He sees himself to be faultless. He gets hard on himself and gives up easily. Worse, he pulls down others who are succeeding and getting ahead of him. Her father constantly tried to help him change to become a better person. But he was adamant of his actions. A loving brother would have nothing to do but to let him go his own way.

When the news reached the executives, they, including her father, had to sell their shares in order to salvage the company. A confrontation lead the two brothers as her father was ousted for an act he didn’t commit. A heated argument ensued, which made her father collapse and be rushed to the hospital.

As she finished reading, Jasmine cried as she understood her family situation. She understood how their wealth was taken away from them. She understood her mother’s discipline and her constant encouragements to take leadership trainings in school and work. She understood the need to take her learnings seriously and apply in action when the time comes, so that her family can claim what’s rightfully theirs. She went to her mother’s room to return the notebook and expressed her sentiments.

“I saw your father in you. You have strong personalities. But I know you have a dream, and you choose to take this responsibility over it.”, her mother said.
“Don’t feel bad about it, Mom. I can pursue it while fulfilling my duty.”, she replied, “It may be tiring. But I’m satisfied when I know I do my job right. Don’t worry. We’ll get through this.”
Both mother and daughter held hands and hugged each other as they held on to the Rock they’re clinging.
“We’re taking your Dad home tomorrow. He’s well and ready to be discharged.”, her mother said.
She smiled for she found in her eyes her most valuable treasures- God and her family. She wouldn’t trade them above anything else. They had one last embrace before they called a day in order to face the upcoming future.