The lights are flashing. The cameras are rolling. The director takes cue for action. The host enters the stage and welcomes the studio audience to his show. He then introduces his guest. His guest is no other than Justin Um.

Justin Um is a well-known media personality and one of the most popular teen idols of his time. At age 13, he was part of a teen-oriented reality show that became a monster hit and pulled the group to high popularity. He began to perform dance hits and they were well-received, thus earning the title “The Dance Sensation”.

At age 14, he started a music career. He made 3 studio albums and a compilation album, and has sold more than 500 million records worldwide. This cemented him to both national and international prominence.

At age 15, his career breakthrough continued when he hosted a talk show and an international dance machine game contest. He landed his first major acting role, where he played an aspiring DJ. He also landed several product endorsements.

At age 16, he staged his first major concert, in which he was able to draw a very large crowd. After a few months, he announced his departure to the showbiz industry to focus on college studies. Though his career stint was short, he undoubtedly left a lasting cultural impact.

Now at 23, he still looks young, vibrant and happy as before. Justin entered the stage, shook hands with the host, and sat down with him to start their talk.

“It’s been 6 years since you left your showbiz career. What have you been doing lately?”, the host asked.
“I’ve been focusing on making a career in the IT industry. And I’m doing good with it so far.”, Justin answered.
“How did your classmates in college and your current workmates feel when they learned you’re with them?”, the host asked.
“Most of them felt surprised and happy. After that, they would line up to have my autograph and take a picture with them. It was fun.”, Justin answered.
“So how do you deal with life after the limelight?”, the host asked.
“I try to take it lightly. I’m just an ordinary person like everybody else. I don’t need any special treatment. I try to be myself in such a way that I don’t hurt people.”, Justin answered.

The host then asked Justin of the story behind his successful career. Justin gladly told him everything- his career beginnings, his struggles, his failures, his breakthrough moment, and his victories.
After hearing it, he said, “I am amazed after hearing your story. You can achieve great things at that age and you’re still doing it until now. What is your formula for success?”
To this Justin replied, “For me, I have these three things. First is the value of hard work. You have to give your best to what’s given to you. You also have to give your heart to it. When you do, you can see your effort rewarded at its best.”
“Second is the value of humility. When you have an achievement, don’t let pride get in your way. It will ruin you when you do.”
“Third is the value of having God in my life. I ask Him for guidance and wisdom in all that I do. I thank Him for everything, and I pursue a life He wants me to live.”

“Now I can see how you made an impact. You’ve inspired millions of people to be at their best. You’ve also inspired lot of aspiring musicians who want to take the path as you do.”, The host said as he continued to be awed with Justin.
“I give God the credit for that. These wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for Him.”, Justin replied.
“That’s great. Now speaking of your impact, what can you say of dance music today?”, the host asked.
“I’m quite pleased that it’s been appreciated in mainstream. I hope they start to fully understand the genre. And I’m sure there are those who want to continue on with it. I encourage them to keep on perfecting the craft. Be passionate in all they do. Don’t think about the fame. Think about the contributions you can give.”, Justin said.
“That’s great. Now I want to talk about a current phenomenon, which is the fast-rising popularity of a split-screen love team. How do you feel about it?”, the host asked.
“I find them interesting. They make up a good pair. And I can see that they are great people inside and out. I would like to meet them one day and befriend them.”, Justin answered.
“Are you open to the possibility of working with them in a future project?”, the host asked.
“Yes, I am”, Justin gladly answered.

“That’s nice.”, the host said, “Now I want to ask you. Why did you decide to come back?”
“My fans requested me to make this. Even the people I’ve worked with before asked me. So I thought about it and decided to say yes. I have to admit. I miss doing these things.”, Justin answered.
“So what’s in store for you now that you’ve made a comeback?”, the host asked.
“As far as I know, I’ll be hosting a multimedia talent reality show. I’m waiting for confirmation. If that pushes through, I’ll do this and my career at the same time.”, Justin answered.
“We hope for that because we really miss you. Thank you so much Justin for guesting in our show.”, the host said.
“It’s my pleasure.”, Justin replied with a smile.

There were loud applauses and wild cheers from the audience. Justin was happy that he was able to reach his achievement with all that he went through. Now, he is awaiting his next chapter.