The weather was cold. There was a gathering in Janelle’s house. Her relatives came from Australia to pay her family a visit. So she took the time to talk with her uncles, aunts, and cousins, for she had not seen them after a long time.

Then, the doorbell rang. She opened the door and it was her grandparents. She welcomed them warmly in the house. As they entered the house, she assisted them in placing their raincoat and umbrella in the coat rack.

“Let’s have dinner now.”, Janelle’s dad said.
So everyone went to the dining room and prepared themselves for the feast.
“Now before anything else, can we ask Dad to pray for us?”, Janelle’s dad asked.
“Sure thing.”, Janelle’s grandfather Jesse agreed.

So Jesse prayed and the meal was served. Afterwards, the house became lively. The women chatted as they washed the dishes and utensils in the kitchen. The men cheered as they watched a basketball game in the living room. The girls conducted a movie marathon while the boys played card games in the guest room. Janelle decided to go to her grandparents’ room.

As she entered the room, she saw her grandmother sleeping and her grandfather watching by the window. She asked her grandfather if she could stay with them for a while. She told him she wanted to take a rest from all that happened on the day. Her grandfather nodded, and so she sat at a part of the bed next to him.
“I see that you’re good in praying during dinner. It must have been your long years as a pastor.”, Janelle remarked.
“It’s with all the times I’ve been walking with the Lord.”, Jesse said.
“Oh, I see…”, Janelle said, “I’ve been thinking about this for a few days now. And I want to ask if you regret being a Christian.”

“No, I don’t. For several reasons.”, Jesse responded, “When I give my life to Christ, I encounter His love, grace and almighty purpose in me. It’s something the world cannot offer. From there, I learn to read the Bible. It’s a life source for the soul and it gives me direction and purpose in life. I learn to pray as it brings me closer to  Him. ”
Janelle bowed her face down.

“I learn to follow His guidance and have faith in Him. I embrace His will, trust His promises and fulfill His calling for me. It isn’t always easy but it’s always worth it. I can take refuge in His arms when I need it and rely on His strength. There’s no safer place to be than in Him.”, Jesse continued.
Janelle began thinking of her grandfather’s words.

“I learn to be humble and to put others before myself. I learn to love them no matter the circumstance. I learn to extend grace to them. We are all messed up people and none of us deserve His grace. But he continues to showcase it, and through it we are free from the bondage of our past.”
Janelle started to open her mind.

“I learn to resist temptation. Temptation leads me to a path contrary of God’s. I am called to flee from it, and instead pursue the path He has for me. Temptation leads to sin, which then always leads to regret. Also, I learn to live a pure life in and out of marriage. His path is purity, and it paves the way to intimacy. This makes me learn to stay focused on His plan for my life.”
Janelle was struck with these words. She began to question all that she heard from him.

“Can God really do that with all the problems in this world?”,  asked Janelle.
“Yes, he can.”, said Jesse, “I can see it in the lives of those I have counseled. They share to me their struggle and I introduce them to the Lord. I guide them in following Him, and as a result they return to me saying that they victoriously overcame it with His help.”
Janelle started to struggle a little bit. She thought of the different religious affiliations she was exposed to. She felt wanting to believe about her grandfather’s faith but couldn’t, because she couldn’t see her whole heart to it. She wasn’t fully convinced to do so.

“I want to believe what you’re saying, Grandpa. It’s just that Christianity is seen in a bad light. Many religions come and propose to be better than it. Some don’t want to take any religion at all.”, said Janelle.
“I would think that the progress of knowledge and technology made over the past two millenia has shaped the perspective of the people. I believe that we are in a state of exile from here. We need to change the view of Christianity in our progressive minds and lives today so that more people can be reached out to Him.”, said Jesse.
“So what should Christianity be like?”, asked Janelle.
“It should be real. And it’s up to the believers to rise up to that. Their life should mirror a loving, gracious and real God. In that way, they can show its core.”, answered Jesse.
“Do you think this will happen in due time?”, asked Janelle.
“I hope so.”, answered Jesse.
There was silence for a few seconds.

“I’m always praying everyday for our family, Janelle, that all of us will come to the Lord. And I praise Him for several of us who made this life-changing decision. I’m praying for the rest, and I hope you do the same.”, said Jesse.
There was silence again for a few seconds.

Janelle thought of everything they’ve talked about. She suddenly felt a conviction, a conviction that her grandfather’s faith was the one she could trust. She felt a prodding to ask him about it. It was so strong she couldn’t resist it. So she told him she wanted to know more about his faith. Jesse was more than willing. So they spent the rest of the night talking about it in the cold weather.