Tom lay on his bed wondering where it all went wrong. His thoughts began to look back at the events prior to reaching his current situation.

His business was on the verge of bankruptcy. His employees went on strike for him to be ousted because of his unfair treatment. Added to that, his wife caught him in a love affair with his secretary while she visited his office to bring him food.

He was asked by his board members to take a break in order to resolve his personal problems. The vice-president would, in the meantime, take his place to take care of the company problems. As he reached home, he opened the door and saw no one. He called his wife and his children but no response was made.

He then noticed something in the sofa. He picked it up and saw that it was a note written for him by his wife. He read it and learned that they moved out to stay with her mother for a while. He learned of how tired they were of the way they were treated. She asked him to clear his mind and visit them when he’s into his senses. This devastated him, in that he went to his room to think about all that happened.

As he lay on his bed, he heard the doorbell. It was his churchmate Ron who visited to help him in his difficult situation. They talked in the living room, and Tom told Ron how he tried to be the best husband and father possible. He couldn’t understand why he went that way. Ron advised him to go back to his life for he might find the answer to his question. So Tom did, and this was what he shared to Ron.

“It all started with a talk. I was inspired by the speaker’s message of aiming for high goals. I dreamed of becoming a successful international career man. However, my weaknesses challenged me. My aims were low as I sought for those that can be done within my comfort zone. I failed to accomplish the things I needed to do and I would reason with excuses. So I decided to overcome them. It wasn’t easy for me, but I managed to persevere. As a result, I reached my goals.”

“But I didn’t mean to become a hated person. I did this just to please my father. He wanted me to excel in everything. So I did, but he never got to appreciate any of them. I was hurt and I had to mask it so that he won’t reprimand me. He hated seeing me cry.”

“There came a time when my mother decided to separate with my father. She couldn’t stand his treatment to us and she caught him with his mistress. She rented an apartment and planned to bring me and my siblings there. But he demanded that she could only bring my siblings and I stay with him.”

“She objected but he insisted. He threatened her that she wouldn’t see me again if she wouldn’t follow his arrangement. He gets mad when things don’t go his way. We couldn’t do anything but to accept it. I was more than hurt with what happened. I had to act this way to not feel this pain.”

Ron started to understand Tom’s painful past. Then Tom continued,
“I promised myself that I wouldn’t be like my father. But I became that man. Now I realize how my actions have hurt my family.  The trouble began when there was a time where I looked back at my life and felt that I missed out a lot. So I began providing  my own needs, and it caused a lot of fights between me and my family. I felt misunderstood, which was why I had the affair. I never wanted all of this to happen.”

Tom cried in his anguish and Ron did everything to comfort him. He advised Tom to let go of his hurt, forgive his father and dedicate his life to Christ. He did, and he felt a sense of peace and freedom. After that prayer, he regretted the time wasted for not being a better father. But he desired to change with the new life he found. It was late at night and Ron needed to go. Tom asked Ron to pray for him that he would overcome his personal hurdle. Ron willingly agreed.

Tom was determined to start his redemption. He visited his father, who was eating alone in his dining room. He talked with him and gave him his forgiveness. He also visited his mother and siblings and talked with them. He introduced them to Christ, and became Christ-followers as a result.

He ended his relationship with his secretary. It was mutually agreed that the secretary be assigned to another manager. He went back to the company, humbly apologizing to the board members and employees. He vowed to change himself and make things right. It wasn’t easy for Tom, but he felt God’s grace. The company bounced back to become one of the top international business corporations.

He was grateful to see what happened. He was more than grateful as he saw his family back in his house waiting for him. Forgiveness and reconciliation flourished from there. From then on, he started to become the spiritual leader he was meant to be. Their marriage and their lives became authentic in Christ. All of these took 5 years.

These happened 15 years ago. Tom is now 65. He is sitting at a bench at his garden, reminiscing all that happened. Though there were regrets, he thanks God for being a God of restoration. He thanks Ron for being at his life’s most critical point. He can now say to himself that he’s making the second half of his life right, and he continues to do it until the end.