Jill was walking on a road. Upon walking, she saw a man standing as if she was being waited. She approached the man and greeted him. The man introduced himself as the Man of Life. He could see people’s lives and foresee their future through their quality of living. He invited Jill for a walk to the Golden Gate, and she agreed.

As they were walking to the Golden Gate, Jill saw on her left scenes of her academic achievements. She saw herself receiving the medal for being class valedictorian, taking oath as President of the Student Council and receiving awards for winning in inter-school competitions. She was happy and proud to see them as she could recall the moment she made every achievement.

She saw on her right scenes of her life after her academic achievements. She became a magna cum laude graduate and topped the board examination. She would eventually start her own company and become its chief executive officer. She was more than happy to see her future bright until one scene surprised her. She saw herself alone in her room feeling lonely and empty.

She couldn’t understand why it happened. She tried to live her life right. She treated people kindly. She aimed for bigger goals so that she could live the life she wants to live. If that’s what her future’s going to be, she wouldn’t want that to happen. So she asked The Man of Life to clear up her confusion.

“I see you have good intentions there, Jill. But I think you need to change your perspective of life.”, The Man of Life said.
Jill was surprised to hear this, and she started to think of what he said.

Along the road, she saw a clam shell. She picked it up and opened it. It was a black pearl, and the black pearl showed her scenes from being an ordinary student to being one of the most popular ones in school. She saw herself becoming the person she’s now after gaining her newfound popularity.

Then, she saw a calculated analysis of her heart’s condition. She saw that her heart had pride and selfishness at medium rates. She couldn’t believe what she saw. She didn’t know that her actions would lead her to attitudes she didn’t intend to have.

“Now you know your heart’s state, it’s time to make the switch.”, The Man of Life told Jill.
“I guess so… I admit I can see those feelings in me.”, Jill told the Man of Life.

Both continued their walk on their way to the Golden Gate. Then, Jill started to think of the purpose of gaining her achievements. She realized that she made these because she wanted to be noticed. She wanted everyone to like her. She wanted to be part of the “in” crowd. She could now understand how her attitude has affected others, and she wanted to apologize to them.

She realized that life isn’t about living for herself, but is about living to the fullest with a purpose. Her role as a student leader is to set an example so that those who look up to her can be inspired. This meant leading with strength and confidence and helping others when needed. She then regretted of the time she wasted on being self-centered instead of being others-centered.

She then passed by a sunflower. This sunflower greeted her and cheered her up by reminding her that she still has her good qualities and it’s not too late to change for the better. She thanked the flower and went on to approach The Man of Life to share all of her thoughts.

“It’s good that you realized that. But let’s take this a little higher. You need to find your purpose in life as an individual.”, The Man of Life told Jill.
Jill thought again on what he said to her.
“All people are born in this earth with a purpose. No one’s an accident. They have a mission to fulfill. It’s greater than what they imagined to be. The great people you know have become so because of their willingness to accept their mission and accomplish it.”, The Man of Life said.
“I see.”,  Jill said, “I think I’m starting to change my perspective of things now.”
The Man of Life smiled for what she said.

They reached the Golden Gate, and Jill was amazed with the grandeur of the gate and with what’s inside it. The Man of Life then said,
“This is the Golden Gate. This is where people who have truly lived their purpose on earth are being entered. I want you to be part of it, Jill.”
Jill was struck with what she heard from The Man of Life.
“You are young- full of vigor and ambition. You can make great things at your age. You have to fulfill your purpose while you still have time in this earth. Find it and act on it when you do.”, The Man of Life said to Jill.
He then gave her a book and said, “Take this. It can help you.”
Jill received the book from The Man of Life’s hands.
“I must go now. I’ll see you soon.”, The Man of Life said to Jill.

Everything started to fade in Jill’s sight after the words were said, including the Man of Life. All Jill could see was white light and she covered her eyes with her hands. When she uncovered her eyes, she was in her room lying in her bed. She reached for the alarm clock on the table beside her bed. She saw something beside the alarm clock that bewildered her. It was the book given to her by The Man of Life. She got the book, went out of the room, and looked for her Mom.

“Mom, Where did this book come from?”, Jill asked her Mom who was preparing food for her breakfast.
“It’s the one I promised to give you last night. I opted to let you read it but you fell asleep. So I placed it near the alarm clock so that you can read it when you’re free.”, her Mom answered Jill.
“Oh right, I remember. Thanks Mom.”, Jill said.

She went back to her room and smiled to herself. She felt she was different than before, and it was all because of her dream. While skimming through the book, she said to herself that she’s going to use her free time to read it so that she can know how to discover her life purpose. Then, she returned the book beside the alarm clock and started preparing for school.