It is a sunny day at the park. A young man named Matt decides to take a stroll to unwind himself from his home atmosphere. While he takes his walk, he is greeted by everyone with their eyes amazed as if a popular celebrity visited them. He even sees kids running to greet him. He would give them a warm smile and show them his good-natured side.

He is looked at as an ideal friend because of his virtuous character. He is either admired or envied by any man because of his affluence, brains and influence. He is seen as an ideal man because of his good looks, well-built physique and mannerly behavior, all of which sum up to his total attractiveness. This could make every girl and girl-at-heart swoon and fall for him. All in all, he is looked up by everyone for he has everything one could have.

He was back home after his walk, and he received a video call from his younger brother Mike, who is in Singapore with his parents for a month-long summer vacation. Mike told him about the places they visited and their various adventures. He also told his brother how much he heard about his popularity in the whole community. He ended the call by telling him they’ll be home in a week’s time and wishing him to take care of himself.

Matt decided to write a letter in response to the call. So he wrote the letter, kept it in an envelope and placed it in his table desk. He then prepared himself to sleep for the next day. This was what he wrote on the letter.


Dear Mike,

Upon reading this letter, you’re already 21. You’re not a young boy anymore, but a man full of responsibility. I want you to be that one. I know you know that I’m getting to be well-known in the whole community. But I’m not doing all these to impress myself. I just do and live what is right. I always try to look at my best to be presentable to others. When I gain muscle, I do it to keep myself healthy and fit. I get comments that they find me attractive and it’s good to hear that. I just hope that they look at me for the right reasons.

And seeing you now, you have the total package any girl would fall for. Use all you have in the right way. No girl would want a guy who’s not man enough to be decent. I want to share to you all I know on what it takes to be a man. This worked for me, and I hope this works for you, too.

First, be pure in heart and mind. You should give yourself only to your future wife. Keep an eye on any temptation that will ruin your purity- whether it be a sexually arousing image or an invitation of making love. It’s the best gift you can give to her.

Be on the defensive. Destroy everything that causes you to stumble. Box out the enemy. Have a partner to help you overcome it. Run away from it. If you have to run like a gay in order to prevent yourself from that trap, go do it. Record over those unwanted thoughts with new ones. When you meet a woman who tries to seduce you, do everything to tell her how much she’s worth to a worthy future husband. When she doesn’t listen to you, you know what to do.

Second, be obedient. Always honor and obey Mom and Dad even until you grow old. It’s an admirable trait anyone can have. Obey and submit to authority. Pay to all what you owe them-  taxes, revenue, respect or honor- rightly and honestly.

Third, be a gentleman. You have to respect the parents of your soon-to-be spouse. You have to speak kindly. Be gentle with your words. Think before you speak. Your words can make or break a person. You have to be self-controlling. Learn to control your anger. Spend time cheerfully helping out the people around you.

When you date your potential spouse, protect her purity. You would want to reveal your intentions to her. When you do so, pledge to her that you will honor and respect her. Show your loyalty to her.

Show your concern to the people around you. Be generous. Give from the overflow of your heart. Learn to protect others’ happiness. Don’t beat up or abuse them. Be brave enough to accept help to change if you need it. Be patient and forgiving. Be loving. When you do, you can be able to do the gentleman points I gave you. I see you to be well-groomed, fit, healthy and pleasant-smelling. I don’t think I need to tell you this because you have that. But I’m just reminding you.

Lastly, be intense in your relationships. Invest in your great energy and determination in them. Don’t be lazy nor complacent with them. Don’t take them for granted. Love them without judgement and don’t expect anything back.

You and I know how much we love the Lord. Love Him the way He wants to be loved by obeying His commands. Love Him with all of your heart, soul and mind. Love others, and that includes the difficult people we meet. I know it’s hard to do it, but it’s the best gift you can give to them. They have their own problems, and who knows it might ease one of theirs away. Be intense for Him. In everything we do, we please God, not people.

Someday, you’re going to be like Dad. So you have to be a good leader in the future. Take the initiative to lead. When you need authority, do it in such a way that you don’t use force to follow or obey you. Lead right and show it to the people under you so they will submit to you in respect.

I may not be married yet, but I was able to see these through Dad. He is the role model and I get inspired to do that. He showed me that you have to be the right person for your future spouse. I’m doing this right now for my future girl. I hope every young man will take this one seriously and that includes you. What people see on the outside doesn’t make the real man. It’s the inside that makes one. Your character is important.

Whatever happens, Mom, Dad and I will support you all the way in your future works. Don’t get mad at us when we need to correct you at times. It’s for your own good. I love you and I wish you a happy, fulfilling life ahead.

Your loving brother,