Jon is a successful young professional. He is happy with what he has as of the moment- a budding career, a 9-to-5 work schedule in which he likes and enjoys, a loving family, and a supportive group of friends.

One quiet night, he looked back at his life and reminisced all he had been through so far. He then happened to reminisce two important moments he cherishes the most- his childhood and his student days.

He remembered how life then was simple.  No social media or smartphone existed yet. He used to watch his favorite cartoons on TV, listen to his favorite music on the radio, play games on the arcades or on his Playstation console, and play with his friends outdoors.

He remembered his times as a student. He was able to share funny and memorable moments with his high school classmates, in whom he shared bond like no other. Fast-forwarding to the present, he could say that life he had was better. He wished he could turn back the clock to experience it all over again. He wished that the children of today could  experience the childhood that he had.

He thought about the students of today, and was saddened. They don’t take school seriously, as they take for the sake of it. They deal all their schoolwork with mediocrity. They treat their intelligent classmates differently, and use them for selfish motives. If he would see them flourish as the next generation of citizens in the society, he couldn’t stand the catastrophe it could bring. From there, he starts to dream.

He dreams of seeing students who can understand the value of education. They see it to be more important than any wealth in the world, and they understand that it opens doors for them to gain learning and knowledge. They see it as a path for a brighter future. They see it as an avenue to contribute to a better world, with their creative, innovative ideas. They can be an inspiration to others who want to be like them.

He dreams of seeing students who choose to make the most in class by being studious, diligent and excellent. They don’t do this just because of grades, but of learning. And in learning, they understand that it’s not limited to the four walls of classroom. They can learn anywhere as long as they have an inquisitive mind and a teachable heart.

He dreams of seeing students who know how to use their given talents and skills well. They realize that all people are intelligent in different ways. There is no such thing as a dumb person. They could possess either two or three of these intelligences: linguistic, logical-mathematical, spatial, musical, bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal or naturalist.

He dreams of seeing students who can invest in their minds by reading. As Sir Francis Bacon said, “Reading makes a full man”. They see that reading is the major part of studying, so they take time to understand what they’re reading. It takes time & skills to large amount information in the brain, so they think of ways for such. They understand that it’s not only just studying hard, but also studying smart.

He dreams of seeing students who value integrity more than cheating. They won’t cheat because of the pressure in themselves to get high grades. They decide not to resort to forms like free-riding, plagiarism, sabotage tactics, deceiving the teacher, fabrication & falsification of public documents, or using their powerful, clear eyes to get test answers.

Some would say that “It is better to cheat than to repeat”. But if it does, how good are the effects that lie with it? When one cheats and is caught with it, he stains his reputation and of his parents. He loses the trust of others. It is better to have legit grades and to be proud of it. Though low, these are ones being worked hard for.

He dreams of seeing students who do not procrastinate with homework. They motivate themselves to work on a task with the idea that now is the right time to do it. They prioritize the tasks they have to do. They do the job when they’re still alert. They don’t get frustrated by heavy tasks. And when they’re done, they take a break and reward themselves.

They know how to manage their time. They don’t stress themselves when they procrastinate. They don’t want to be anxious, guilty and moody. They don’t want their schedules in disorder. And most importantly, they don’t want to gain poor performance.

He dreams of seeing students who know the value of punctuality. They arrive early or on time, and not be affected by tardiness. They hold the same when submitting their assignments and projects. They give their best in everything they do, for they know the value that it’s better not to be late. They also do this out of respect for their teachers.

He dreams of seeing students who have good virtue. They know how to be true, faithful and loyal friends. They know how to think first when situations come at them to make right decisions, to stand up for what is right, and to prepare for battles he needed to face and overcome. When they reach success, they use it rightly. They use their success to help others succeed as well.

He believes that when students possess these attitudes, society would be a better place. All the problems they’re currently facing would be remedied, and they can see the progress they’ve been yearning for so long. But it will be a long road ahead. The people today see intellectuals negatively. They would put down people who are ‘too smart’ for them. They see them as ignorant of the common folk’s concerns. Having this kind of mentality would hinder unity towards prosperity. He wishes that they will have an open mind.

He could take vision in all these because of his life experiences and, most importantly, his academic training. But then, he looked at himself and saw that he had his own mistakes. He had a good class standing. He thought of making it better. He wanted to give his best, but chose to do it half-baked. It was because of his hesitance. If he had overcome it, he could have reached greater strides.

Nevertheless, he is determined to change. He’ll get better by and by. He convinced himself that it’s not too late to do so. He is willing to be a role model of what he has envisioned. He will move forward in his journey, and his hope starts to be instilled inside him.